Guidelines for The 22nd IBDC


  • Gold Award (1 winner)- Intelligent Innovative Design with Cycling

(1) Prize of NT$350,000

(2) Certificate

  • Silver Award (1 winner)- Bicycle

(1) Prize of NT$200,000

(2) Certificate

  • Special Award (1 winner)- Bike components and accessories

(1) Prize of NT$100,000

(2) Certificate

  • Excellent Award (6 winners)

(1) Prize of NT$30,000 for each winner/group

(2) Certificate

  • Merit Award (12 winners)

(1) Prize of NT$15,000 for each winner/group

(2) Certificate

  • Interdisciplinary Innovative Products Design (Bike Company Approved Awards)

(1) Bike company will select one award form all the entries which is entitled as “Innovative OOO Approved Awards”

(2) Organizer will provide the Guidelines of Business Approved Awards.

(3) Prize is from the Bike company:

  • Innovative Renewable and Green energy environmental protection Awards,1 winner (BRAINCO COMPOSITES INC.),Prize of NT$30,000


  1. The prizes that are awarded will be paid either in New Taiwan dollars in Taiwan or in USD/EUR at the official rate of exchange.

Please note that prizes awarded to foreign participants shall have a 20% income-tax deduction.

Winners from Taiwan shall have 10% income-tax deduction when the prizes are above NTD twenty thousand.

  1. Prizes and certificates will be handed out at the award ceremony.


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