Guidelines for The 23rd IBDC



  • Taiwan bicycle market is the leader of the global; IBDC has become the focus of international attention.
  • The award ceremony for the IBDC will take place at Taipei Intl. Cycle Show, where all the award-winning designs will be presented. Every year, more than 1000 companies / manufacturers from over 30 countries attend the Taipei Intl. Cycle Show and it attracts over 50000 visitors. This event has established its identity as Asia’s largest trade cycle show.
  • IBDC will integrate the award into its PR work to publicize your award-winning design in widely distributed newspapers, magazines, Websites or other media.
  • Opportunity to make your dream come true! –IBDC will present the award-winning designs to bicycle manufacturers, with the goal of licensing two or more designs for mass-production.




(1) Entrants must be a member of IBDC website and register over the net at

If you participate as a group, you must designate one person to be the group’s representative. There is no limit on the number of entries for each participant, but you need to fill out a separate application form with different member account for each entry.

Your member account and password will be used when submitting graphics and for updating your personal data. Should there be any problem when you register, please contact:

Email:    Tel: 886-4-23501100 ext.111 / 813 Ms Liao


(2) After registration, you may upload your entry at any time up until the deadline.


(3) At the conclusion of the Judging, the International Jury will select the top twenty-one (21) entries for the Winners.


(4) The final results will be announced at the award ceremony.