Guidelines for The 23rd IBDC

[Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ]


– What is eligible?

All designs must be the entrant’s own original work. Entrants submitting designs, which infringe intellectual or industrial property rights (trade marks, utility models, patents or similar rights) will be excluded from participation in the competition. The qualification of prize-winning entries will be canceled and an official announcement made. The entrant shall be liable for damages and any claims made by third parties, resulting from the infringement of property rights.


– Who is eligible?

All individuals or groups (2~4 persons in each group) interested in the competition are welcome to participate, regardless of nationality, gender, race or age. Staffs of CHC, past Jurors and current Jurors are not eligible.


– How much is the entrance fee?

No entrance fee will be charged.


-Who makes the prototypes?

These are full sized models that can be made by designers. These prototypes will be checked by IBDC group. They are made by eligible for display at the Taipei Cycle show. Postal delivery will paid by IBDC.


– What are the criteria?

Entries will be judged on four criteria below.

  1. Innovation 30%

novelty of mechanical components, structure design, exotic material, Green, Technology and appearance

  1. Manufacturability 30%

manufacturing technology and mass-production feasibility

  1. Marketability 30%

safety, cost-effectiveness, and possibility of being well liked

  1. Other considerations 10%

appearance, ergonomic considerations and drawing/model presentation, etc.