Guidelines for The 23rd IBDC



  • Gold Award (1 winner)- Intelligent Innovative E-Bike

(1) Prize of NT$300,000

(2) Certificate

  • Silver Award (1 winner)

(1) Prize of NT$200,000

(2) Certificate

  • Bronze Award (1 winner)

(1) Prize of NT$100,000

(2) Certificate

  • Excellent Award (6 winners)

(1) Prize of NT$10,000 for each winner/group

(2) Certificate

  • Merit Award (12 winners)
  • Certificate



  1. The prizes that are awarded will be paid either in New Taiwan dollars in Taiwan or in USD/EUR at the official rate of exchange.

Please note that prizes awarded to foreign participants shall have a 20% income-tax deduction.

  1. Prizes and certificates will be handed out at the award ceremony.



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