Guidelines for the 24th IBDC

[Application Fee]

Individual application:

  • Non-student entrants:
  1. Early bird discount (Submit from July 1, 2021~October 15, 2021): NT$3,500 per entry
  2. Regular price (Submit from October 16, 2021~November 30, 2021): NT$5,000 for the first entry/ NT$3,500 for the second and the following

*Entrants are welcome to create more than one entry and submit from different accounts.

  • Student entrants: Free

*Please note that documents should be provided through the registration system if entrants are students or recent graduates.

Group application: Free of charge if a member in the group is qualified as ‘student’. If not, the application fee will be charged as “non-student entrants “.


[Remittance Information]

  1. Online payment platform (payment can be made with credit card and online ATM):


  • Service fee will be charged when paying, and please kindly inform the organizer by email: after paying so as to confirm the payment.

Service fee:

  • Credit card: 3.675 % per transaction
  • Online ATM: 1.05 % per transaction
  1. Bank remittance:

Bank: Land Bank of Taiwan

Branch: Chung Kang Branch

Swift code: LBOTTWTP094

Account name: Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC)

Account number: 094001001587


  • Remittance must be made before November 30, 2021 12:00 (GMT+8). Any delay of remittance or outstanding entries will be regarded as abstained without further notice.
  • Please note that service charge will be charged when remitting. For foreign entrants, please select “OUR” when remitting. All the service charge should be afforded by the entrants.
  • After remitting, please email receipt photo, the last five numbers of your account number, and the name of entries to / in order to confirm remittance.


[Theme of Competition]

“Intelligence, Sustainability, and Living from Heart”


Intelligence: By using smart technology to assist Ebike design, cycling is hoped to be the core when designing. To take a step further, more creative and innovative services or products can be developed.

Sustainability: In the initiatives announced by the United Nations (UN), cycling is believed to be the best symbol of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Living from Heart: Designing and riding bicycles with the inner joy and innovative riding mode, the spirit of Living from Heart can provide people a new, exciting feeling of products from workout and enjoyment.

Entrants of this competition should apply for one of these four categories:

  1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
  2. Intelligent bicycle components
  3. Sustainable, eco-friendly design of bicycles
  4. Innovative bicycles/ services/ systems related to new style of living