Licht Intelligent Bike Finder Light

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Category 2. Intelligent bicycle components
Title of Entry Licht Intelligent Bike Finder Light
Country Taiwan
Designers Xiu-Qi, HUNG
Chiech-Ting, LIN
Yi-Min, CHEN
Chong De Tee
Description Licht Intelligent Bike Finder Light (Licht) can be installed on the stem of a bicycle and controlled by cellphone through the Internet. When you are looking for the bike, it flashes and emits a customized sound to show the bike’s location, so you can find your bike quickly. The Licht is also a bicycle light normally used at night. When you are riding the bike, the Licht’s sensor will detect the brightness, humidity and vibration. Through the Licht’s sensor, it will automatically turn on different modes of light to protect the rider’s safety.