Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry PEGASUS
Country Taiwan
Designer Chia-Yu, TSUI
Description There is a radar detection device on the car, mainly in bicycle riding, to continuously detect the position and speed of objects within a 10m fan-shaped range behind the rider. The detection data is transmitted to the rider’s mobile APP, and the APP will immediately send out which side is coming (rear left/rear right/radial) to protect both drivers. The hearing-impaired person can detect and identify the warning sound through the receiver installed in the car, and give a reminder through the APP. When it is necessary to let the other party know that there are special difficulties, (the horn has been honked many times…), the sign projected on the ground can also be selected as a reminder. The car body has an intimate function of an offset sensing device. Sometimes when riding, inevitably, you will not notice whether the body is off-center, which may cause the center of gravity to be unstable and fall, causing your safety problems (falling/being approached from behind by car collision) Therefore, when the car body detects the deviation of the center of gravity, it will automatically turn on the rear direction lights and flash the direction of deviation (left/right) to warn the cars behind to pay attention, and the mobile phone will also receive information reminders. The timing will disappear automatically, so it can also be used as normal direction light.