Straw Hat

The Straw Hat is a kind of full suspension folding bicycle with off road performance. It achieves longitudinal folding of front fork and back triangle through shared pivot. Double folding stems can achieve convenient, neat and compact folding. Meanwhile, the double-stem structure also makes the handle stem have excellent rigidity. Conventional design language is used for the whole bicycle. It cannot only satisfy the requirements of aesthetics and easy-to-use, but also is convenient for manufacture. It accelerates commercialization of the product. The Straw Hat has broken through the concept that a folding bicycle cannot be off road. Its innovative application of “shared pivot” and double folding stem technology with combination of suspension principle can satisfy the requirements of off-road as well as realizing the features of compactness, neatness and portability after being folded. Additionally, as a folding bicycle, it is also very nice for daily riding.