Ultimate QUIK Release Device

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Category 2. Intelligent bicycle components
Title of Entry Ultimate QUIK Release Device
Country Taiwan
Designer Bruce LIU
Description Modern bicycle through axle has become a “Slow Release” in many ways. Nowadays, UCI mechanics rather switch a complete bike than simply replace a broken wheel during racing games. This is a reason why we come up with an ultimate “Quick Release” design through axle.Meet the ultimate QUIK release through axle device.  Just with a simple twist of the knob, you will be able to install or to remove the wheels from bicycle in seconds. The knob is always at locked position unless you want it to be unlocked, so the mechanism is super secure during all time. The QUIK knob is structured by a mechanism similar to a camera aperture plate so-called Iris diaphragm. The center diameter expands while the knob is being twisting until the axle is allowed passing through the center. The knob will shrink to its smallest diameter due to a spring motion.