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Category 4. Innovative bicycles/ services/ systems related to new style of living
Title of Entry Youhelmet
Country Taiwan
Designer Ya-Hsuan, LO
Description Youhelmet is a helmet for users of Youbike. With the folding design, it is easy to carry and storage. Every Youhelmet has a waterproof container set on the rear wheel to prevent it from getting wet on rainy days. To avoid being stolen, there is an anti-theft device in each container. When you successfully rent a Youbike with a card, the container would be unlocked. Every container has a sensor. You would return the Youbike successfully only if the Youhelmet be put into the container literally. Youhelmet has a minimalist shape. Different from other bike helmets, it looks simpler and more lively. As for color matching, Youhelmet has the same tangerine with Youbike. Make it more consistent in shape.