20th IBDC Final List

Bicycles adam. – the student e-bike adam-pages4 adam-pages3 adam-pages2 adam-pages1
Bicycles Adroit 1 3 2 4
Bicycles Boomerang 1 2 3 4
Bicycles Cak Hustle (City Cargo Bike)  1 4 2 3
Bicycles Carrier carrier_akinozkan_001_1024 carrier_akinozkan_004_1024 carrier_akinozkan_002_1024 carrier_akinozkan_003_1024
Bicycles Chita B-4 B-1 B-3 B-2
Bicycles CHOOSE! Choose_Chart-D Choose_Chart-C Choose_Chart-A Choose_Chart-B
Bicycles Concept Twister a_Description d_Renders c_Dimensions b_Structure
Bicycles Foxbone A c d B
Bicycles Horsy c b d a
Bicycles praxis- folding bike definition instruction1 instruction2 technical-details
Bicycles Quadrilateral a b c d
Bicycles SKELETON a c b d
Bicycles Tetraicle 431 2
Bicycles The Red+White+Blue Machine Slide-04 Slide-02 Slide-03 Slide-01
Bicycles Travelcycle 2 3 1 4
Bicycles UDB BoardA BoardC BoardB BoardD
Bicycles zebra e-bike zebra-pages4 zebra-pages3 zebra-pages2 zebra-pages1
Components and accessories Bike Guard d c b a
Components and accessories CARRYLOCK 12020234_1040883925930035_1020671262_o 12018636_1040883945930033_1815068893_o 12016374_1040883935930034_913725781_o 12005917_1040883932596701_1871536198_o
Components and accessories Loope – Combined bicycle helmet and lock. Structural-Design Rendering Orthographic Descript-of-Entry_V4