21St IBDC Award List

Gold Award

Title of Entry  Portni Urban Bike
Category  Bicycles
Country  Taiwan
Designer(s)  Chun-Han, CHU

Yi-Fan, HSU

Description Due to the fact that it’s narrow in the city, many people still live without elevator.
With unique-design “lock-wise system”, Portni is able to prevent the colliding with obstacles while carrying bikes on narrow stairs. Shouldering the bike, hiding up the stem and the seatpost will make you be able to stay in the smallest volume. There
are two tubes beside the head tube , which larger the area where your shoulder and the bike contact. The cap on the headset stables the stem, and keeps it from turning for the most stable position.

Silver Award

Title of Entry  Rhincodon
Category  Bicycles
Country  Taiwan
Designer(s)  Yi-Luo, LI

Po-Hong, YEH

Po-Hong, YEH

Description  Rhincodon is a city commuting bike which educe the air purification system.
In the process of riding it, the air and the particulate matter flow through the air chamber imultaneously. At this time, due to the principle of “unlike poles
attract”, the dirt collecting plate with negative harge attract the particulate matter with positive charge, and eventually emit purified air, letting people enjoy a much cleaner mother nature.

Special Award

Title of Entry  BLINKBRAKE
Category  Components and accessories
Country  Taiwan
Designer(s)  Chiao-Yu, CHUNG

Chao-Hsiang, KAO

Chien-Yao, HUNG

Ming- Geng, LU

Description  Connecting both front and rear braking system through mechanical device enables BLINKBRAKE to
(1) Break the rear wheel first then the front wheel, and the time difference is less than 1/10s. This prevents the front wheel from locking down and accidents like crashing from happening.
(2) Redistribute the brake force of front brake/rear brake to 7:3,the perfect distribution of brake force of both wheel, effectively reducing the amount of time and the distance needed for stopping the bike.This kind of design solves the original problems during braking without changing your riding habit.

Excellent Award

Title of Entry  FLY- the wood saddle
Category  Components and accessories
Country  Germany
Designer(s)  Jan Arne Gruner
Description  FLY is a cantilever saddle for your bike. The shock absorbing wings provide comfort without the need for foam paddings. This helps to decrease weight
and increase durability.FLY is assembled from two wings made of engineered wood. The material is made more durable by adding two layers of carbon fibre underneath the surface layer.As FLY is constructed of two independent wings it is able to follow the natural movement of a cyclist’s legs and hips. The surface can be made from a broad variety of materials, like different veneers, paper or fabric. So the product can be adapted to the consumer.
Title of Entry  Interpolate XC Bicycle
Category  Bicycles
Country  Singapore
Designer(s)  Patrick Ng Kee How
Description  The Interpolate XC bicycle utilizes a patent-pending steering system which ergonomically accommodates large bicycle wheels. To prevent toe collision and preserve contemporary 29er XC geometry, the handlebar sits inside the main frame. Steering input is indirectly translated to the fork via a pair of cogs linked by a chain. The steering sensitivity can be fine-tuned by altering the size of these cogs.
Title of Entry  Kanguru
Category  Bicycles
Country  Turkey
Designer(s)  Burak Kocak
Description  Kanguru is a bicycle concept that based on bicycle messengers and how they use their bicycles in order to deliver packages and mails. With this design concept the aim was to create a specialized bicycle on bicycle transportation.
An A3 sized mail box is placed in the center of the frame. So mails are secured from external factors. Oversized packages are also placed center of the frame.
Elastic straps hold the package no matter what their size is. The bicycle is boosted with an electric engine in order to help the user with the ramps.
Title of Entry  PEP.
Category  Bicycles
Country  Turkey
Designer(s)  Emre Ozsoz
Description  Think about two different design styles are uniting in one case. Strength of the hands is supporting the power of the legs and two people are coming together for one purpose.
Uniting of the powers! The sole motivation point of these two people is DETERMINATION!
PEP is the name of the bicycle that can be used by visually impaired or physically disabled people. That is we call being each other’s eye, hand or foot.
PEP brings a new wave to the games by the light and innovative design, and proves that disabilities are not barriers for the love of bicycle.
Title of Entry  Straw Hat
Category  Bicycles
Country  China
Designer(s)  Tan Qiang
Description  The Straw Hat is a kind of full suspension folding bicycle with off road performance.
It achieves longitudinal folding of front fork and back triangle through shared pivot.
Double folding stems can achieve convenient, neat and compact folding. Meanwhile, the double-stem structure also makes the handle stem have excellent rigidity. Conventional design language is used for the whole bicycle. It cannot only satisfy the requirements of aesthetics and easyto-use, but also is convenient for manufacture. It accelerates ommercialization of the product. The Straw Hat has broken through the concept that a folding bicycle cannot be off road. Its innovative application of
“shared pivot” and double folding stem technology with combination of suspension principle can satisfy the requirements of off-road as well as realizing the features of compactness, neatness and portability after being folded. Additionally, as a folding bicycle, it is also very nice for daily riding.
Title of Entry  Young Up
Category  Bicycles
Country  China
Designer(s)  Zhen-Tao, LIN
Description  The purpose is to design a bike that is consistent with the characteristics of the boy of the age. Boys can take most sports goods out in this bicycle, such as football, Ping-Pong, badminton, kite.

The bicycle save boys energy when boys leave for sport space with sports goods, because they can put sports goods on the bicycles. The bicycle is to create a better sports experience for boys.

Merit Award

Title of Entry  Aeroblade – Racing Bike
Category  Bicycles
Country  USA
Designer(s)  Xiaoyi Zhang
Description  The goal of Aeroblade is to provide two sitting positions for road cyclists to manage their performance better in order to fully engage in cycling to challenge themselves, get stronger, faster and ride longer without any concern.
• A micro-adjustment to provide 2 sitting positions
• No tool needed to adjust 2 sitting positions
• Integrated aerodynamic handlebar system
• Internal cable routing system
Title of Entry  AEROFOIL
Category  Bicycles
Country  India
Designer(s)  Yash Thawani
Description  The intent with this bike was to aid the rider while racing as well as training.
Elimination of the down tube from the frame reduces the weight of the bike and also at the same time provides a distinctive look to the bike. Having a smaller front triangle gives it the ideal volumetric capacity to be a mount for either a battery pack which he can use while training to push the rider further or to have a small storage for a water bladder which would be enough to last a time trial stage. Having more integrated components give the frame a more streamlined profile. Using intelligent AI and holographic projections the rider can take better
decisions during the race with the information that is available to him and does not have to rely on radios and other outside sources to take his decisions.
Title of Entry  BOX
Category  Bicycles
Country  Hungary
Designer(s)  Daniel Nagy
Description  This concept provides a compact solution for urban bikers. Smartly foldable into a box, which could be worn as a backpack.
The saddle and the pedals are also rotatable. The frame is aluminum just like the other components; the rims are made out of carbon fiber to keep the bike light.
There is an additional compartment for the strap-on belts just below the saddle,so the user has the ability to transform it into a backpack anytime.
It is an easy, compact and elegant solution for those who are looking for a
foldable solution.
Title of Entry  Handlock
Category  Components and accessories
Country  Taiwan
Designer(s)  Ti-Wen, YAO
Description  Handlock combines lock and handles, V-shaped design allows it perfectly fixed to the frame, it can also become a bicycle handle, to help users easily
handling bicycles.
Title of Entry  Home Velo
Category  Bicycles
Country  Serbia
Designer(s)  Dunja Kovacevic
Description  Home Velo is a concept design for exercise bike. It represents a combination of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. Its form is thought in a matter of elegance and minimalism. Mobile and static handles, in addition to adjustable seat, allow different positions while training, and also suit well to every user.
Along with its magnetic resistance, Home Velo is meant to provide upmost performance. It is designed for people with fast lifestyle, who enjoy working out in the comfort of their home. With its sleek design and clear lines, it can be easily incorporated into various modern interiors.
Title of Entry  Marsupial
Category  Bicycles
Country  Serbia
Designer(s)  Mihailo Djokic
Description Marsupial is the foldable city bike, not only does it serve as a vehicle but it can also serve as carrying bag when folded. Intended for those who prefer bicycle as a mean of transportation when going to work, it has to offer even more than just that. While observing human routines I realized that people often visit grocery stores after work. With Marsupial people will not have their bags hanging on the steering wheel since it can make driving difficult and cause accidents. It will provide safe transport for people and also for groceries. Groceries will be put into the folded bicycle and like that will be transported ome. Marsupial has simple design; in accordance with purpose it’s a bit vintage. Bicycle frame is made of aluminum, while bag is made of leather. Bicycle is lightweight, and folding is fast and simple.
Title of Entry  Minimus – flyweight electric bike
Category  Bicycles
Country  USA
Designer(s)  Joel Kramka
Description  The MINIMUS: flyweight electric bike has the potential to start a new category.
More agile than a motorcycle, more convenient than a scooter, No need for pedals, cranks, or gears, this bike doesn’t even require a chain. Students without
a car can easily store it in their apartment, while the tourist seeing the sights won’t get tired and sweaty.    MINIMUS would be a perfect fit for a commuter or
in a local bike share program. Not everyone owns a bicycle because they love to pedal, MINIMUS is for those who just want a fun and easy way to get around.
Title of Entry  Pedelic
Category  Bicycles
Country  Turkey
Designer(s)  Kursat Kemal Kul Melahat Köşeli Efnan Kul
Description  Today, we neglect to sport because of fast and routine life style.
This system design enables to do exercise that our metabolism needs while transporting between places.
Pedelic is a design that provides these two actions in a single form. We can use it standing and also seated position. There is a bicycle engine which can
be charged on the middle port of (Pedelec).This smart engine determines your daily exercise need and gives power to pedal and palette so ensures the best tempo for your exercise.
Respect intellectual property rights,since this entry has been patent pending and
processing the technical collaboration agreement with specific company, and we will announce it with the mature cooperation in avoidance of any dispute.
Title of Entry  Rebell
Category  Components and accessories
Country  Belgium
Designer(s)  Thomas Swinnen
Description  The Rebell is a bike bell designed for the sportive cyclist. The minimalistic design and positioning make the Rebell a jewel on the bike. The bell is mounted on an innovative position on the handlebar, making it more integrated in the design. The Rebell turns an ugly piece into a functional and aesthetically pleasing part. Another benefit is the good visibility of the product, which makes
using the Rebell super easy.
Combining shape, aesthetics and function, The Rebell has it all!
Title of Entry  Shard
Category  Bicycles
Country  India
Designer(s)  Anwesha Bangabash

Vyasateja Rao

Rakesh Balakundri

Description  Shard is a cycle trainer that transforms from a functional object to an artistic light installation when not in use. Shard creates an immersive experience through haloed lighting around the cyclist. Moving away from the prevalence of biofeedback interaction design based on screens and numbers, Shard influences behavior through ambient light and does not demand direct attention for consumption of information. Shard has two working modes: cycling mode and standby mode, in both the modes Shard gives ambient light based on input taken from sensors on the bike or data from the app.
Title of Entry  Unlimited Bag
Category  Bike Components and Accessories
Country  Taiwan
Designer(s)  Kai-Ping, LIU

Huang-Yu, CHEN

Description  Unlimited Bag is a specialized bicycle bag which hang on bicycle frame.
It’s buildup by flexible and soft cloth which user can easy pull in and take out stuff in that. Flexible cloth structure can press from both sides and all stuffs
will be holding on the middle of a bicycle for good cycling balance. Another interesting feature of flexible cloth is that Unlimited Bag will be form by
different stuffs in it.
Category  Bicycles
Country  Taiwan
Designer(s)  Chi-Wei, KUO


Description  ZEZE is a foldable bicycle that especially designed for children. Unlike other similar products on the market, ZEZE’s folded volume can be greatly reduced to fin in any trunk effortlessly. Equipped with 16-inch wheels, ZEZE makes a very safe and highly portable bicycle that is suitable for kids between 3 to 7 years old.