Taiwanese Designer Takes Home Gold Award from the 23rd International Bicycle Design Competition

Taiwanese Designer Takes Home Gold Award from the 23rd International Bicycle Design Competition

A total of 260 designs from around the globe entered the 23rd International Bicycle Design Competition. The IBDC is an international professional competition, and each year it inspires innovative and trending designs across the world. The IBDC not only brought new concepts and ways of thinking to designs, structures, and functionalities, the organization also helps us to understand global lifestyles and trends and continue injecting new life into traditional bicycle products.

Awards were announced and awarded on September 22,. The Gold Award went to the CROSSER, created by 2 Taiwanese designers—Shang Che LEE & Chien Yang KUO. The CROSSER is a Fascinating design, both well thought through and well presented. Appropriate as E-MTB’s are becoming extremely popular for mountains and ski resorts. Particularly impressed by re-location of the front wheels to form a triple wheel at the back: useful, uses all parts and increases rear traction.  Several Intelligent details including: quick release hub/wheels, mono-front fork with 2 wheels with neat suspension built into head (as aircraft landing gear).

This year’s entries of young designers are moving away from the standard human powered bicycle. Also, this year shows a much wider variation of entries; not just bicycle or E-bike designs:

–       Other human powered, pedal assist vehicles, pioneering the frontiers of cycling applications;

–       Some very intelligent hardcore engineering entries on drive train technology, which really made sense;

–       More parts, components and accessories;

–       Urban concept studies and mobility concepts anticipating disruptive future mobility changes;

–       Lots out of the box thinking applications, functionalities and combinations of these;

–       Combinations of traditional bicycle technology with the latest state-of-the-art electronic and IT technologies.

There is an excellent technology lead entry 『Single layer link plate chain』was clearly matched with special award winning ‘floating transmission system’. This new approach to the 100+ year chain design is well presented and has several merits. Judges were impressed by the engineering. Further development is recommended, particularly on friction, wear and minimum chain radius aspects. They all both design by Yung Sheng WANG.


 crosser  floating  chain
CROSSER Bicycle floating transmission system Single layer link plate chain


Bicycle manufacturers are welcome to use and manufacture all of the innovative bicycle designs from IBDC or develop new concepts from the original designs and create more unique bicycles. For more information, please visit http://www.ibdc.org.tw.