24th IBDC Q&A

The 24th IBDC is now inviting entries from everyone!

Since the competition started, some questions have been raised regarding applying for the competition. Here are some of the important ones that can be refer to when applying:

Q: Could you please show me the steps of applying for the 24th IBDC?
A: There are five steps to apply for the competition as show below:
1. Enter IBDC’s official website: http://ibdc.tbnet.org.tw/and choose “Participation”
2. Choose “Register” or “Login” (if a membership has already been applied)
3. Fill in registration information (same username & password will be used to log in to this website in the future)
4. Fill in entry information & submit images

5. Finish!

Q: How could I make changes to my entry information and images?
A: Changes of entry information and images can be made through “Manage Panel (on the top-left corner of the website) -> My Entry Manage -> Title of Entry” at any time during the application period.

Please note that all the information should be written in English, including title of entry, representative, names of group members, company name, and address.

Q: I am now participating in similar competitions, but would like to apply for the 24th IBDC. Could I possibly do that?
A: No problem! We welcome entries that are also participating in similar competitions held this year. If the entries are awarded in those competitions, we also share the same happiness (Please kindly inform us by email!)

However, if the designs are awarded last year or before, they could not be submitted to the 24th IBDC.

If any other questions regarding participating the 24th IBDC, please feel free to contact:
Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC)
Tel: 886-4-23501100 ext. 813 Joyce Hung