Awards Announcement of the 24th IBDC

🥇Gold Award

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Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry BUCK – Personal Mobile Workstation
Country Taiwan
Designer James YEH
Description Buck is an electric bicycle specially designed for office workers; users can freely choose the workplace they want. It is equipped with a retractable lift table in the frame and a briefcase-sized bracket at the rear of the bike. When you want to work, the user could just rotate the seat and pull out the table to adjust it to the right angle. Buck also has a built-in smart route navigation. Users only need to select the desired location type, and the navigation can help users calculate and find the most suitable office location nearby.


🥈Silver Award

Image  PEGASUS-1
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry PEGASUS
Country Taiwan
Designer Chia-Yu, TSUI
Description There is a radar detection device on the car, mainly in bicycle riding, to continuously detect the position and speed of objects within a 10m fan-shaped range behind the rider. The detection data is transmitted to the rider’s mobile APP, and the APP will immediately send out which side is coming (rear left/rear right/radial) to protect both drivers. The hearing-impaired person can detect and identify the warning sound through the receiver installed in the car, and give a reminder through the APP. When it is necessary to let the other party know that there are special difficulties, (the horn has been honked many times…), the sign projected on the ground can also be selected as a reminder. The car body has an intimate function of an offset sensing device. Sometimes when riding, inevitably, you will not notice whether the body is off-center, which may cause the center of gravity to be unstable and fall, causing your safety problems (falling/being approached from behind by car collision) Therefore, when the car body detects the deviation of the center of gravity, it will automatically turn on the rear direction lights and flash the direction of deviation (left/right) to warn the cars behind to pay attention, and the mobile phone will also receive information reminders. The timing will disappear automatically, so it can also be used as normal direction light.


🥉Bronze Award

Image  2nd-pg-Quik-IBDC
Category 2. Intelligent bicycle components
Title of Entry Ultimate QUIK Release Device
Country Taiwan
Designer Bruce LIU
Description Modern bicycle through axle has become a “Slow Release” in many ways. Nowadays, UCI mechanics rather switch a complete bike than simply replace a broken wheel during racing games. This is a reason why we come up with an ultimate “Quick Release” design through axle.Meet the ultimate QUIK release through axle device.  Just with a simple twist of the knob, you will be able to install or to remove the wheels from bicycle in seconds. The knob is always at locked position unless you want it to be unlocked, so the mechanism is super secure during all time. The QUIK knob is structured by a mechanism similar to a camera aperture plate so-called Iris diaphragm. The center diameter expands while the knob is being twisting until the axle is allowed passing through the center. The knob will shrink to its smallest diameter due to a spring motion.


🏅Excellent Award

Image  IBDC2022-01
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry EHC
Country Taiwan
Designers Hung-Ju, Lee
Chia Hsin, Lee
Description EHC is a travel-use handcycle with the auxiliary power unit system of an mid-drive electric motor, which provides a good exercise and travel experience for the physically challenged with lower limb disability. Based on the structure of a traditional hand-cranked bicycle, the handcycle integrates an electric motor to simplify the transmission mechanism and provide auxiliary power to reduce the difficulty of long-distance riding. On the other hand, through the use of new polymer technology, 3D printing and carbon fiber materials, provide a styling and lightweight bicycle body design.
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Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry IFold-Bike
Country Taiwan
Designer Yong-Yi, CHENG
Description Most of the existing cargo bicycles on the market cannot be disassembled or folded, which takes up space and is very inconvenient to ride in daily life. Therefore, the IFold-Bike has improved the problem of space occupied by shelves that cannot be stored. It is more in line with the way modern people use bicycles, that is, multi-functional use, allowing you to ride easily and freely in different situations, creating a brand new experience. There is a handle in the middle of the shelf, which allows users to fold and store more effortlessly. Pull up the front wheel and move back naturally. After the whole body is locked backward, the left and right sides are retracted toward the center to complete the folding and storage.
Image  Scout-2021_wuao01
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry Scout
Country Taiwan
Designers Ao, WU
Tsung-Yao, LI
Wei-Hung, CHEN
Hung-Chun, CHEN
Description Taking the niche market as the departure point, Scout equip with intelligent drone technology and reinforced carbon fiber frame also increasing the safety and accessibility. Using drone to explore the terrain, seek safe routes and report back to the rider through the APP, also recording the processes of the self-challenge games. The drone is designed for the battery of the bike itself, also providing assistance power to the rider when going uphill and recharging when going downhill. The drone can be easily disassembled and recharged at ordinary times, achieving sustainability and mutualistic symbiosis.
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Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry SHiFT – Easiest Train to Commute Experience
Country Taiwan
Designer Ting-Han, CHEN
Description SHiFT is an electric bicycle plus smart trainer set that is super simple to use. It only takes 3 steps to mount the bike to the trainer, taking less than 30 seconds. Since people nowadays spend so much time on work, they are lack time to exercise. SHiFT fulfills the needs of people who want to commute and exercise at home due to several conditions. The smart trainer does not wear tires and is super silent, which is friendly to neighbors. A Lightweight motor system on the bicycle fulfills short commute needs, and the trainer also works as a charger.
Image  STEED_1
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry STEED
Country Taiwan
Designers Yi-Xiang, ZHANG
Jian-Han, WANG
Xin-Quan, CHEN
Description Steed is an electrically assisted unicycle that is balanced by built-in gyroscopes on the wheels. Making riding a unicycle no longer a challenge, anyone can easily get started. There are grips to assist getting on the bike and make riding the unicycle as easy as a bicycle. Different from ordinary unicycles, Steed is more like a horse, and the neat body lines also add a lot of visual effects. Traveling through the city is like running on the Mongolian steppe. The body is equipped with a small screen that can be connected to a mobile phone and display body-related information such as power, and the seat cushion can be freely adjusted in height.


🎖Merit Award

Image  BCS-16_01
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry BCS-16
Country Taiwan
Designers Wei-Yi, WANG
Ming-Wei, CHUNG
Chuan, HSIAO
Description BCS can convert into bike and scooter. BCS can be used for parent-child sharing during family outings and can also be used for single-person bike that switch between long-range and short-range. BCS is a bicycle that accompanies the growth of user and a design that integrates short and medium distance movement.
Image  bike-04
Category 4. Innovative bicycles/ services/ systems related to new style of living
Title of Entry ComBike
Country Taiwan
Designer Hsin-Chiao, CHAN
Description In Taiwan, going to the market and shopping for ingredients is part of our daily life, but when we go to the market, we often see people riding a motorcycle shopping for ingredients. It is dangerous to ride a motorcycle in a narrow passage full of people. The emission of exhaust gas not only makes everyone smog, but also causes air pollution. But it has a reason to ride a bike to buy ingredients. Walking for a long time with large bags is hard for some elderly people with limited mobility or lack of energy. In response to these problems, I designed ComBike. It is an electric bicycle combined with a cart. After the user rides it to the market, he parks the main body of the bicycle outside and only pulls the cart into the market, making grocery shopping more casual and easier.
Image  Draisine-1
Category 4. Innovative bicycles/ services/ systems related to new style of living
Title of Entry Draisine+
Country Taiwan
Designer Chun-An, CHANG
Description Draisine + is a parent-child interactive balance bike. It was designed and developed for the father of bicycles, draisienne, the world’s first bicycle prototype. The use method is similar to the balance bike used by children today. When riding a balance bike, parents cannot perform activities in the same way as their children. They hope that the parent-child balance bike can increase the interaction and teach the correct way to use it, use the gap in the frame of parents bike to accommodate the child bike, and use the quick-release axle and bolts to separate and combine Draisine +.
Image  Dual-01
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry Dual
Country Taiwan
Designer Yu-Ting, CHANG
Hong-Ta, SHEN
Tsung-Yu, WU
Yan-Ton, CHEN
Description Due to the impact of the epidemic, people who used to rely on public transportation to commute have begun to commute by bicycle and scooter. DUAL is an electrically powered dual-function scooter that allows commuters to change their riding style at any time. Riding in a sitting position can be more relaxed and comfortable, and with standing mode allows users to be more free in crowded places and freely decide their own riding style.
Image  panel-01
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry E-rad Cycling Trainer
Country Taiwan
Designer Sam Wang
Description E-Rad is a smart bicycle for track cycling training. It detects and records riders’ information while riding, and generates the most suitable training script for each mode after analyzing the data. There are 4 types of training modes: Spinning Wheel, Racing, Aerobic, and Sprint. The riders can switch between modes with the tablet on the bike to make the best out of their training. Or just simply enjoy the riding while observing the datas.
Image  licht-01
Category 2. Intelligent bicycle components
Title of Entry Licht Intelligent Bike Finder Light
Country Taiwan
Designers Xiu-Qi, HUNG
Chiech-Ting, LIN
Yi-Min, CHEN
Chong De Tee
Description Licht Intelligent Bike Finder Light (Licht) can be installed on the stem of a bicycle and controlled by cellphone through the Internet. When you are looking for the bike, it flashes and emits a customized sound to show the bike’s location, so you can find your bike quickly. The Licht is also a bicycle light normally used at night. When you are riding the bike, the Licht’s sensor will detect the brightness, humidity and vibration. Through the Licht’s sensor, it will automatically turn on different modes of light to protect the rider’s safety.
Image  Sbike-1
Category 4. Innovative bicycles/ services/ systems related to new style of living
Title of Entry Sbike
Country Taiwan
Designer Yu-Chi, PU
Description Sbike is a large-capacity shared electric-assisted bicycle designed for people who travel with heavy luggage and need to ride a bicycle. Especially designed to accommodate luggage as large as a 20-inch suitcase. Usually, you can put items in the storage basket even if you are carrying a school bag or shopping groceries. Try to make a shared bicycle that can effectively share the weight of the rider’s bag. In addition, Sbike uses chainless shaft transmission and electric auxiliary mode to achieve safer and more labor-saving effects during riding. This shared bicycle is appropriately configures at each shared bicycle station, so that the rider can easily and quickly reach the destination with luggage.
Image  urbisc-01
Category 4. Innovative bicycles/ services/ systems related to new style of living
Title of Entry URBISC
Country Taiwan
Designer Wei-Ting, LEE
Description Nowadays, shared vehicles play an essential role in the city, bringing users to work, school, and leisure sports. It has become the first choice for short-distance transportation. Electric bicycles can be used for long distances, while E-scooters can be used for short distances. To improve the user experience, a charging system is designed to integrate smart electric bicycles and micro-mobility. So that the bikes and the scooters can both be charged at the same time and location in the city.
Image  Youhelmetone
Category 4. Innovative bicycles/ services/ systems related to new style of living
Title of Entry Youhelmet
Country Taiwan
Designer Ya-Hsuan, LO
Description Youhelmet is a helmet for users of Youbike. With the folding design, it is easy to carry and storage. Every Youhelmet has a waterproof container set on the rear wheel to prevent it from getting wet on rainy days. To avoid being stolen, there is an anti-theft device in each container. When you successfully rent a Youbike with a card, the container would be unlocked. Every container has a sensor. You would return the Youbike successfully only if the Youhelmet be put into the container literally. Youhelmet has a minimalist shape. Different from other bike helmets, it looks simpler and more lively. As for color matching, Youhelmet has the same tangerine with Youbike. Make it more consistent in shape.