Guidelines for the 25th IBDC

[Theme of Competition]

“IntelligenceSustainabilityCool Lifestyle”


Intelligence: Intelligence increases the convenience, safety, and ergonomic comfort of riding a bicycle. The scenario of cycling is hoped to be the core when designing, and more creative and innovative services or products can be developed.

Sustainability: Green, sustainability is a global issue. As the best symbol of green means of transportation, bicycle design is expected to be more eco-friendly considered.

Cool Lifestyle: New cycling lifestyles appears due to the pandemic. Hoping that user-orientation is the base of design thinking, and new forms of bicycles that fit the market needs and present personal style can be created.

Entrants of this competition should apply for one of these four categories:

  1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
  2. Intelligent bicycle components
  3. Sustainable, eco-friendly design of bicycles
  4. Innovative services/ products/ systems of new lifestyle (incl. light or personal mobility device)



Gold Award (1 winner, only for “Intelligent, innovative Ebike” group)

  • Prize of NT$200,000 (Before tax)
  • Certificate

Silver Award (1 winner)

  • Prize of NT$100,000 (Before tax)
  • Certificate

Bronze Award (1 winner)

  • Prize of NT$50,000 (Before tax)
  • Certificate

Excellent Award (5 winners)

  • Prize of NT$10,000 for each winner (Before tax)
  • Certificate

Merit Award (10 winners)

  • Certificate


  • The prizes will be paid either in NTD or in USD/EUR at the official exchange rate.

*Please note that prizes awarded to foreign entrants will be deducted a 20% of income tax, and 10% to domestic entrants.

  • Prizes and certificates will be handed out at the award ceremony.