Guidelines for the 25th IBDC

[Requirements for Submission]

(The following items should be applied and submitted online)

  1. Three or four images entries are needed for application.
  • Specification: JPEG format, 1920 width x 1080 height pixels, no larger than 2MB of single file size
  • Content suggestion (written in English only):
    a. Designing concepts:

<i> Title of Entry

<ii> Concept of Design

<iii> Target Market

<iv> Innovative Features

b. Unique features/ design

c. User scenarios

d. Special structure or size

  1. Optional: introduction video (fill in the Youtube link when applying)
  • Specification: Youtube video, within 1 minute, set “unlisted”
  • Content suggestion (written in English only): to present the entry in more details (offer judges a better understanding of the entries and use of entry promotion if awarded), any personal information must not be shown in the video


  • To ensure the fairness of judgement, the entries and optional video must not be identifiable.
  • Any uploads and changes should be made before 2023/11/15 12:00 (GMT+8).
  • Incomplete, inconsistent or improper applications will be rejected by the organizer of IBDC.


[Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ]

– What are eligible applications?

All designs must be entirely original.

Once the organizer of IBDC found that the designs were plagiarized (e.g. trademarks, utility models, patents, or related rights), the application will be rejected. If the plagiarized designs are award-winning, the awards will be rescinded, and an official announcement will be made. If any third person’s (e.g. the original creators) rights were affected due to the plagiarism, the entrants should take full legal responsibility.

– Who are eligible entrants?

All individuals or groups (2~4 people in a group) that are interested in the competition, except staff members of CHC, former and current judges.

– Is there any application fee?

Individual application:

  • Non-student entrants:
  1. Early bird discount (Apply between 2023/06/01~2023/10/15): NT$3,500 (US$110) per entry
  2. Regular price (Apply between 2023/10/16~2023/11/15 12:00): NT$5,000 (US$160) for the first entry/ NT$3,500 (US$110) for the second and the following

*Entrants are welcome to create more than one entry and submit from different accounts.

  • Student entrants: Free

*Please note that documents should be provided through the registration system if entrants are students or recent graduates.

Group application: Free of charge if a member in the group is qualified as ‘student’. If not, the application fee will be charged as “non-student entrants “.

-Who will make prototypes of the entries?

The entrants can create the prototypes of their entries by themselves. If the entries are selected as top eighteen, after checking the details, the organizer of IBDC could help to display the prototypes at Taipei Int’l Cycle show.

All the freight related to displaying at the Taipei Int’l Cycle show will be afforded by the organizer of IBDC.

– What are the criteria of judgement?

The following four parts are the criteria of judgement of IBDC:

1. Innovation 40%

* Design concept and integrity (connection to competition theme)

* Functionality of software/ hardware and specification (incl. novelty of intelligence, technology, ideas of sustainability, mechanical components/ structure/ design)

2. Practicality 30%

Manufacturing technology and mass production feasibility

3. Marketability 20%

Safety (e.g. load) and market needs

4. Other considerations 10%

Incl. ergonomics, image (and video) presentation, and aesthetics