Guidelines for the 25th IBDC

[Declaration of Intellectual Property]

PremiseAll designs must be entrants’ own original work. Once the designs are protected by the Intellectual Property, the patentee should be the entrant instead of the inventor.

  1. To protect entrants’ Intellectual Property, the organizer of IBDC encourages entrants to apply for legal protection before submitting their entries.
  2. Entrants should make sure that the entries are created by themselves, and have never been awarded by 2023/01/01 by any domestic or international design competitions. Hence, they have the right to make all the authorizations for the application. Furthermore, entrants should also notice that the entries did not affect any third person’s Intellectual Property. If there are any disputes of patents, the entrants should take full legal responsibility.
  3. If the entries are created by more than one person, then all the creators should be listed as entrants. Provided that there are more than four creators, four of them should be appointed as representatives, and a written agreement stating that the remaining unlisted creators unconditionally agree to the application, awards giving, and subsequent affairs with the names of the four listed entrants by the rules of this competition. If there is any infringement, the applications and awards will be Moreover, all the prizes and certificates should be returned, and an official announcement will be made.
  4. If the entries are evaluated commercially feasible, the organizer of IBDC will contact the entrants for further cooperation and apply for the patent right after improving. When applying for the patent right, entrants do not have to pay for the application, but please note that the inventors of the patent rights will be both the entrants (original creators) and the improver (CHC). Also, the patent right will be owned by CHC (the organizer of IBDC).
  5. If entrants have already applied for the patent right for their designs and get the certificates before the competition, once the entries are regarded as commercially feasible by the organizer, the entrants can ask the organizer for further cooperation. The organizer will assist promoting the products to the market.
  6. If the entries are reported or disclosed as plagiarism or infringment with concrete evidence attached, which then result in a consensus by the majority of judges, the award will be rescinded. Furthermore, the authorization of using IBDC’s logo as well as prizes and certificates should be returned. If the organizer of IBDC or any third person’s rights are affected because of the plagiarism (e.g. reputation), the entrants should resolve the issue immediately and take full responsibility.
  1. Because of the needs of researching and promoting, the entrants (original creators) should authorize the organizer of IBDC for reproducing, filming, publishing, writing, displaying, and publicizing in any media without any opposition. Moreover, it is mandatory for entrants to provide related images and documents when needed.


[Other Regulations]

  1. Incomplete, inconsistent or improper documents and entries will be rejected by the organizer of IBDC.
  2. Submissions will not be returned to the entrants. However, it can be declared when applying for the competition that “If entrants’ designs are not award-winning, they cannot be publicized on IBDC official website.”
  3. The final results of the award should be respected. If there are any questions about the decisions, please provide a written document to the organizer of IBDC within 30 days after the top eighteen designs are announced. Then, an (online) meeting among judges will be held by the organizer to discuss.
  4. After the announcement of the top eighteen designs, entrants are allowed to publicize their award-winning entries. In order to organize and collect the results of the whole activity, entrants should notify the organizer once their designs are publicized through any media.
  5. Entrants should notify the organizer if they sign any cooperative agreements with a third-party regarding award-winning entries. The organizer also has to notify entrants if there are any third-parties that are interested in the award-winning entries.
  6. All entrants of IBDC are regarded as having a full understanding of the regulations of the competition and willing to comply with every rule.
  7. This competition is organized and executed by the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC). If there are any questions, please feel free to contact CHC.



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