Awards Announcement of the 25th IBDC

🥇Gold Award

Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Country China
Designer Jie, ZHANG
Description BONUS commuter fitness dual-use bike is a shaft drive and through the combination of quick release way to integrate the road bike and dynamic cycling sports and health products. This product provides a multifunctional transportation and fitness equipment for modern young people to meet their needs for convenient, green travel and healthy life. By combining the functions of a road bike and a kinetic bike, the storage power assist and quick-disconnect design make it multifunctional for mobility, exercise and electrical energy utilization.

🥈Silver Award

Image DUAL C
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry DUAL C
Country Taiwan
Designer Hao-Chen, CHIANG
Description DUAL C is an eco-friendly scooter e-bike to accompany children’s growth, with the purpose of avoiding replacing more bikes and causing the waste of resources. Meanwhile, the structure of DUAL C can meet children’s requirements as they grow up in different stage. The design of DUAL C is tailored for the children of different ages using the changeable sizes of one bike. In addition, DUAL C takes advantage of the adjustable core and sliding frame to change the position of the seat and pedals. Hence, DUAL C is able to expand the pedals and the battery module in appropriate age as children grow up. In addition, DUAL C can improve parents and children’s time together using DIY assembling. Then, DUAL C has the ability to let riders practice balance and learn how to ride easily.

🥉Bronze Award

Image  FILO-New Style Sharing Vehicle
Category 4. Innovative services/ products/ systems of new lifestyle (incl. light or personal mobility device)
Title of Entry FILO-New Style Sharing Vehicle
Country Taiwan
Designer Cian-Yue, LIAO
Hsiang-Yu, HSIEH
Zhong-Wei, LIN
Description FILO features a rotating compartment for easy getting into and out, even for those with mobility impairments. We aim to create a user-friendly riding experience and enhance FILO accessibility. We encourage eco-friendliness by promoting car-sharing to reduce city pollution. For safety, FILO emphasizes human-centered design, with a warning system both inside and outside the car to protect users and provide vehicle information to others.

🏅Excellent Award

Image  BOKO
Category 4. Innovative services/ products/ systems of new lifestyle (incl. light or personal mobility device)
Title of Entry BOKO
Country Taiwan
Designers Chun-Ming, LIN
Description Boko is a customized frame generation service. In the era of the sharing economy, owning a personal vehicle becomes even more precious. Leveraging the characteristics of parametric modeling, Boko proposes potential generation solutions, creating unique geometric structures through random generation for customers’ personalized bicycles. In the future, similar methods, combined with digital computation and artificial intelligence, could be utilized to explore a broader range of design possibilities.
Image  EE GO
Category 2. Intelligent bicycle components
Title of Entry EE GO
Country Taiwan
Designer Yi-Shan Zheng
Zhen-Yan Zeng
Kai-Chu, LI
Description EE GO is a dual-wheel electric wheelchair handcycle designed for manual wheelchairs. It can be installed in front of the wheelchair to provide auxiliary power and improve stability issues caused by emergency braking and high-speed turns, preventing potential tilting problems. The device features a dual-wheel suspension system, and its manual operation mechanism utilizes a chainless drivetrain, making movement more effortless and enhancing maneuverability.
The connection structure between EE GO and the wheelchair adopts a telescopic quick-detach design, making it compatible with most wheelchairs. Users can independently install the device, allowing for a swift transformation of the wheelchair configuration.
Image  Pack Bike, cargo e-bike
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry Pack Bike
Country Taiwan
Designers Wei-Yu, SHIH
Description The standout feature of the Pack Bike lies in its exceptionally large and adjustable storage space, specifically designed to accommodate bulky items such as guitars, hockey sticks, and skateboards with unparalleled ease. Drawing inspiration from collapsible, silicone-based storage containers, the cargo compartment of the bike is ingeniously crafted from flexible materials, allowing users to effortlessly adjust the shape and size of the storage space according to their needs. This innovation provides a dynamic solution for students and urban commuters who often carry an array of items, ensuring that transporting larger and irregularly shaped objects, like musical instruments or sports gear, is no longer a challenge. Whether it’s the elongated neck of a guitar or the length of a hockey stick, the cargo space adapts, securing these items in place with a combination of straps and dividers. This level of versatility ensures that the Pack Bike not only meets but exceeds the expectations of users with diverse storage requirements, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a cargo bike that effortlessly accommodates their daily essentials.
Image  SWINHOii
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry SWINHOii
Country Taiwan
Designer I-Hsin, TSAI
Description SWINHOii is a mountain e-bike with a specific focus on mountain rangers and bikers, aiming to simplify mountain biking and protect the forest environment with non-pollution. It is equipped with three storage areas for users to address storage issues, and low-span design provides convenience for rangers to get on and off the bike. Notably, it emphasizes its eco-friendliness and noise reduction, contributing to the preservation of the forest environment.
Image  Various
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry Various
Country Taiwan
Designers Jimmy CHEN
Description Various is an electric bicycle designed for parents and children to ride together. The frame structure makes the child seat more stable and allows the rider to control it more smoothly. The low-span design makes it easier for users to get on and off the bicycle. Modular design allows users to freely change the scene mode used. The intelligent management system provides power assistance in various modes. Users can enjoy fun and explore various experiences.

🎖Merit Award

Image  Airing
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry Airing
Country Taiwan
Designers Yu-Ching, LIN
Yu-Chen, HONG
Description Airing is a small and medium-sized dog ride bicycle, set up a dog transport box on the platform in front of the bicycle. The owner can place the dog in the transport box, and ride a bicycle to carry the dog for a ride. After going to a movable location, the dog can get off the car on its own to the ground to run, play, and play with the owner. The crate is equipped with an inflatable cushion, and the inflation level is adjustable based on the dog’s size. The purpose is to allow dogs of different sizes to see the scenery from the front. There is also a buckle and fixed rope device on the body of the car, allowing for the flexible fixation of the dog inside or outside the crate, depending on the situation.
Image  Classic Fat Tire Cargo E-Bike (Bug)
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry Classic Fat Tire Cargo E-Bike (Bug)
Country Taiwan
Designer Chih-Chuan, YANG
Tse-Chun, CHU
Description Bug is a crossover E-bike for urban street, with a fat tire setup, cargo function, and e-bike power. The frame design follows the style of Asian light motorcycles in the 1950s. It has a cute look and a convenient low-step frame, powerful torque rear hub motor and 20×4.0 fat tires with bright lights bring a safer and more comfortable riding experience. Frameset reserved mounts for carrier & basket & trailer, make it a cargo bike, it is a future mobility solution with low carbon emissions.
Image  LuxRide DeliverEase
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry LuxRide DeliverEase
Country Taiwan
Designer Chien-Hao, LIN
Hung-En, TSAI
Kuan-Hsun, HSIANG
Wei-Yu, JIAN
Description LuxRide DeliverEase is an electric-assist bicycle specifically designed for delivery purposes, with a primary focus on balance to ensure the safe and intact delivery of goods. In addition, the LuxRide DeliverEase is equipped with a smart panel that offers multiple intelligent services. For instance, it provides proactive turn signal indications through transparent navigation, assisting users in navigating while alerting them to potential hazardous routes, ultimately delivering a more convenient service.
Image  LUYE-Bikepacking
Category 4. Innovative services/ products/ systems of new lifestyle (incl. light or personal mobility device)
Title of Entry LUYE-Bikepacking
Country Taiwan
Designer Chun-Kai, LO
Description LUYE is a revolutionary E+ hybrid electric-assist bicycle featuring an innovative telescopic frame structure that enhances load capacity. It is equipped with a power supply system capable of converting kinetic energy into electrical energy. The modular camping accessories and frame combination provide users with greater flexibility, reducing the barriers to bicycle camping. The camping chair design incorporates a multifunctional concept, with the seat tube combined with a foot stand and a modular storage basket, allowing users to configure it flexibly according to their travel needs, creating a more liberated and perfect experience for bicycle camping journeys.
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry SILVEROAM
Country Taiwan
Designer Chuang-Jhen, WANG
Hsin-Le, TZOU
Yen-Wen, CHEN
Description We have designed a bicycle tailored for individuals aged 55 and above, focusing on comfort and functionality while closely aligning with various aspects of life. Based on our understanding, as people age, work no longer remains the sole focus of life. With children leaving home for studies or work, there is more time left for oneself. This bicycle aims to be not just a mode of transport but a companion in life’s movements. The structural design prioritizes comfort and posture during rides. It adopts a three-wheeled cargo format, offering ample storage space at the front of the bike. This allows users to take their pets for leisurely strolls in the park or utilize it as a versatile shopping cart, enabling easy and elegant rides. Combining functions for mobility assistance and shopping. The front half of the bicycle is designed to facilitate walking and shopping, allowing them to easily shop in markets or supermarkets without being limited by location. The bicycle is equipped with a fool-proof device. To unlock the walking aid, press the unlock button with both hands to separate the walker’s socket from the fixed axle. Then, lift the handlebars and push them forward. With just a few simple steps, users can switch between riding mode and walking mode. The three-wheel design ensures stability and safety during riding, while the electric-assist function reduces the effort required for pedaling. This provides users with a comfortable and stylish riding experience.
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry TAURUS
Country Taiwan
Designers Chih-Heng, TAM
Jou-An, TING
Description TAURUS is an innovative BMX that represents a revolutionary urban culture. Combining light graffiti art and a skateboard loading system, it breaks traditional boundaries, providing a unprecedented platform for stunt performers to showcase their creations in a unique way within the urban landscape. Designed to elevate stunt bicycle performances to new heights, each TAURUS show becomes a work of art. Integrating expressions of urban life, TAURUS conveys a deep respect for street culture, leading the way in the emerging tide of new street culture.
Image  Ubic C The All-In-One Ebike
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry Ubic C: The All-In-One Ebike
Country Taiwan
Designer Xavier LIAO
Kyle LO
Description Meet the Ubic C, a versatile companion for both indoor fitness sessions and outdoor adventures. Equipped with a powerful mid-motor with torque sensor and a belt drive system, making it the ultimate companion for your daily commute and leisure trips. But that’s not all. The patented DRC (Dynamic Resistance Control) turns your eBike into an Indoor Exercise Bike. Enhanced with a sleek docking station featuring an immersive touch screen, the Ubic C offers a curated selection of fitness, cycling, and entertainment apps. Ideal for individuals with ample space and dedicated fitness areas, this eBike seamlessly combines style, innovation, and functionality. Be part of the movement – redefine your cycling experience with Ubic!
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Country Taiwan
Designer Kai-Ni, CHEN
Shao-Chi, CHANG
Description ZAPrAS can be ridden on land terrains and waters. Through simple steps, the trike can switch between land mode and water mode, allowing users to travel on different terrains. Equipped with flotation devices, GPS, obstacle detection sensor, headlights, underglow, trunk and smart phone application connection which records your route, mileage and so on, ZAPrAS caters to all your commute needs in a convenient way. For safety demands, if anything happens, the smart phone connected system will send out help messages to the local rescue unit.
Image  ZONN E
Category 1. Intelligent, innovative Ebike
Title of Entry ZONN/E
Country Lebanon
Designer Khalil Kowatli
Description Unlike normal bicycles, ZONN/E has different mechanism, it has two spiral axes instead of wheels. The spiral axes rotate in different direction allowing the bike to move forward. The bike turns when the rider leans on one side, and it can reach 60 km/h speed. The bike can carry two passengers and it can be ridden on all terrain: city, mountains and off-road. It is powered by an electric motor and has a battery mounted on the middle base. The body is made of recycled enforced plastic that is recyclable which makes the bike’s parts environmentally friendly. It has a stylish design and safety features like side illuminated material, front and back lights and an easy-to-use info system with GPS. It can be recharged at home or any EV station.