Jury Team of the 24th IBDC

 吳永盛 Johnson Wu has been working hard for decades in automotive industry, responsible for product developing and electric car planning  after graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Chiao Tung University.Currently, he works as the general manager at CHC, aiming to lead CHC developing intelligent manufacturing, MIT bicycle system, talent cultivation, and international cooperation with his extensive experience.
 陳桂耀 Scott Chen is the Chief Operating Officer of HPB Business Division at Giant Manufacturing, who is in charge of planning and leading the electric car development and strategy. He has been devoted himself in Giant and the bicycle industry for years, and is undoubtedly one of the most important members of Giant.

  • General Manager/ Giant Electric Vehicle(Kunshan) Company
  • Leader/Giant Techno Center
  • Relations Director /Giant Techno Center
  • Manager/ Engineering Department
 吳聿凡 Willie Wu currently works at Merida Industry Co., Ltd. as the Director of the R&D Department. He is specialized in bicycle design and development, and has 20 years of experience working in this field. In addition, he has been judges for a variety of bicycle related events, including TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards and Taiwan Bicycle Industry Standard (TBIS).
 Gideon Loewy Gideon Loewy is the founder as well as CEO of Scandinavian Design Consultant Co., Ltd. For years , he has been the design strategy consultant of the EU and Nordic Countries, devoting himself in promoting design communication between Nordic Countries and Taiwan. His works and professionalism are highly recognized in international design competitions, and he also been the design consultant of government, such as Ministry of Culture and TAITRA.
 Johann Geiger Johann Geiger studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. After graduating, he joined target-DESIGN Studio, where he was then employed as the chief designer from 1988 to 2004. Since that time, he has been teaching Transportation and Industrial Design at the Dayeh University in Taiwan. He also works as a designer and a consultant.
 簡思寧 Isis Chien is the section director of Industry Innovation Section at Taiwan Deign Research Institute (TDRI). She has numerous of experience in assisting the industry to reform with a more novel and distinct looking. Furthermore, she had also been implementing industry plans and projects as well as participating in industry conferences.
 481495 Scott Lai has been working at CHC for 27 years , who is currently the manager of R&D Department. While working at CHC, he has been executing many government projects, including bicycle system and component design and development, innovative design platform development, etc., accumulating numerus of experience in the bicycle industry.